#61 Graham Cornes – Footy legend and media commentator on life, love and being a Vietnam Vet

Graham Cornes is a household name in Adelaide and the other AFL-obsessed parts of Australia. But despite going on to be a prominent media figure after his decorated playing and coaching careers, not many people know what he’s had to deal with on a personal level over the trip.

He grew up in a broken family that had next to nothing, lost touch with his mother for 30 years and spent two years in the army in his early 20s, serving a short stint in Vietnam just as his football career was getting started. He’s had to come through his fair share of mental battles as a result, and he credits the Glenelg Football Club with helping him stay on the right track upon return. He’s been married three times, has seen his two sons become football legends in their own right and is now raising teenage girls while he continues to stay involved in the media with FIVEaa’s Conversations with Cornesy.

As you’ll hear, he wasn’t totally sold on the idea of being on the other side of the interview, but he has a story and mindset that deserves to be explored.

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