#49 Peter Gago – chief winemaker at Penfolds on staying ahead of the curve

Peter Gago has been at the helm of wine production at the prestigious Penfolds in South Australia for over 16 years, having begun his career as a Maths and Science teacher before heading to Roseworthy Agricultural College. Penfolds is one of the most iconic labels in the world, renowned for its wines’ longevity and ability to cellar. As they enter their 175th year in the market, Peter recognises the company’s ongoing challenge is to continue to innovate and evolve without detracting from the traditional underpinnings that make it what it is. Among other things, Nicole probes the ‘winemaker’s winemaker’ about his battles with his marketing department, the competitiveness of the sector, the potential of the commercial nature of the landscape to detract from his craft and the importance of leaving a legacy.

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