Podcast: Notes on Adelaide

Notes on Adelaide is a weekly current affairs podcast driven by the independent journalism of InDaily, CityMag and SALIFE.

Notes on Adelaide – Culture clash

In this week’s podcast: Culture clash. Is arts funding in Australia broken and what can be done about it? Notes on Adelaide is a Solstice Podcasting Production.

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Notes on Adelaide – Picking up the pieces

The epic task of rebuilding the South Australian Liberal Party has fallen to 37-year-old David Speirs. In this week’s Notes on Adelaide podcast, we talk to Speirs about his path to politics and his goals for the party. He provides some surprising revelations – including his admiration for a past Labor administration. Notes on Adelaide is…

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Notes on Adelaide – Peak COVID

As South Australia wonders whether we’ve hit our COVID peak, InDaily senior journalist Jemma Chapman explores the issues with two of the most credible local commentators on the pandemic – GP Rod Pearce and epidemiologist Adrian Esterman. Our discussion goes much further than the peak of cases and what that means – we cover the…

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Notes on Adelaide – The Weight of Wangayarta

At Wangayarta, the Kaurna community has established what is being hailed as a world-first memorial site, working in collaboration with the South Australian Museum, Adelaide Cemeteries Authority and State Government. The night before the historic burial of 130 Old People’s remains, CityMag camped with Kaurna elders and South Australian Museum staff to hear more about…

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