The West Winds and Curatif with Jeremy ‘Jez’ Spencer

Jeremy Spencer is co-founder of both The West Winds gin and Curatif canned cocktails. The West Winds was one of Australia’s initial gin distilleries, beginning way back in the old days of 2011 and effectively paving the way for the hundreds that have come since. Jez takes us through how they were able to make a splash thanks to some Margaret River seawater and slightly risqué marketing slogans.

Now, Jez has brought a new range of premium canned cocktails to market. Curatif was born from the frustration he and his co-founders felt towards the quality of drinks available in places like hotel rooms, golf courses and on long-haul flights. Having seen the canned cocktail market taking hold in the US, they’ve decided to package up some of their own, many of which have a distinctly Australian flavour – such as the Never Never Negroni and Archie Rose Espresso Martini.

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