The Free Pour Five with Jeffrey Morgenthaler

Jeffrey Morgenthaler has been a bartender for the best part of 25 years. Like many in the industry, he first got behind the jump part-time while studying in his 20s – a degree in interior architecture that he completed, but ultimately shelved. He quickly became obsessed with cocktails, bought up old books and began his own writing about drinks, recipes and techniques on his website. Now, he is a well-known industry authority, has two books of his own and has ticked over 11 years running the beverage program at Portland bars Clyde Common and Pepe Le Moko.

Jeffrey’s most passionate about sharing his wealth of knowledge with the rest of the bar community, finding longevity and a balanced lifestyle behind the bar, and doing so with like-minded individuals. We ask him how life has changed for him in recent weeks, why he always seems to be ahead of the curve, where the ideas for his unique books came from and more.

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