Ollie Margan on sustainability, business models and his COVID-19 Diaries

Ollie Margan is the man behind the drinks programs at a plethora of Adelaide venues, and is best known for being a part-owner of the highly-acclaimed Maybe Mae. Still yet to reach 30 years of age, he’s achieved a phenomenal amount in a short space of time. But just as Maybe Mae was about to launch its new menu – 12 months in the making – the Coronavirus hit, and Ollie found himself lining up for unemployment benefits alongside his staff.

Ollie recently wrote about his experiences of the past month for Difford’s Guide, in a raw and honest article you can read here: https://www.diffordsguide.com/en-au/g/1148/bar-entrepreneur-frontline/covid-19-diaries-maybe-mae-adelaide

We ask Ollie about how he’s using the current downtime, what he thinks the industry will look like when it returns, that new menu at Maybe Mae that we can’t wait to discover, and the four pillars of sustainability that inform his ethos behind the bar.

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