Margot Lecarpentier: Cocktail Gastronomy

Margot Lecarpentier is a Parisian bartender, and co-owner of Belleville bar Combat. At only 33 years of age, she was last year voted the city’s Most Influential Bartender. And just to drive the point home, Combat was named the Most Influential Bar.

Margot’s a champion of making cocktails and spirits more accessible for the uninitiated. It stems from having seen the perceived unapproachability of mixology first-hand, around six years ago. Back then, when Margot was just starting out behind the bar, she had been buying up all the best books on cocktails and spirits. But it was all gobbledegook. So, she’s written her own – La Bible de Alcools. We ask her all about that, how Paris is faring amid a second wave of the coronavirus, the man who acts as Combat’s forager and flavour-finder, becoming a mother behind the bar and more.

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