Life in Los Angeles, with Big Bar’s Eugene Lee & Selene Martinez

Los Angeles’ Big Bar, which is actually quite small, is one of many venues having its operations restricted once again amid a second wave of the pandemic.

Big Bar’s Manager, Eugene Lee, and Bar Lead, Selene Martinez spoke candidly with Nicole and Marcus about how they’re protecting themselves and their customers while still staying open for business.

Eugene: “They don’t really give you a lot of lead-time – it’s not like ‘in a week from now, bar’s are allowed to open.’ … It is go time when the Governor makes his announcements. And then the managers, the bartenders, the staff are scrambling.”

Selene: “I have a mentality of: protect everyone around me, but also protect myself. Being in interaction with X many people every day … we’re taking all of the guidelines we need to to make sure we’re safe. So I can tell you, bartender’s hands are raw anyways … but they are even more raw now because  I’m constantly washing my hands.”

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