Joshua M. Bernstein on craft beer industry trends and the opportunity of flavour exploration

Joshua Bernstein is the United States’ pre-eminent beer writer. For 20 years, his work has regularly appeared in The New York Times, New York magazine, Imbibe and countless other leading publications. Josh is also the author of five books, the latest of which – Drink Better Beer – has just been released and features insights from over 100 beer industry professionals. 

Beer and its new-age craft varieties – sours, IPAs, etc – are ubiquitous in bars and restaurants around the world, and the available flavours are changing and expanding quicker than most of us can get a handle on them. For these reasons, we’ve been meaning to properly explore the category on the podcast – with someone with the right expertise – since we began. Enter Josh, whose curiosity and passion for what makes the perfect pint is unrivalled.

Stay tuned for how beer has changed – from light lagers to IPAs that taste “like blended pine needles” – why the opportunities for the craft beer industry lies in service, how to pour the perfect beer, why foam is important and more.

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