#63 Jed Altschwager – on building inspiration from adversity

Jed Altschwager is a 33-year-old bloke with a wife, young child and another one on the way. He’s the kind of guy who injects positive energy into the room when he walks in. Jed’s also an amputee. In 2015, he lost his left leg in an accident at work, and so began the long journey to both mental and physical recovery.

Jed speaks of realising, on that hospital bed, that he had a choice: to either fall into drinking, depression and self-pity, or to pick himself up, attack his rehab and be a positive inspiration for himself and those close to him. Three years on, Jed’s incredible mindset and determination has him healthier than ever and training to hopefully represent Australia in rowing at the Paralympics in 2020. It comes as no surprise that he’s now asked to speak at schools and sporting clubs about mental resilience.

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