Chatting cocktails and bar sustainability with Alex Gondzioulis of Bulletin Place

Alex Gondzioulis is a bartender at Bulletin Place, Sydney, who was crowned Bartender of the Year at the 2019 Australian Bartender Awards. Bulletin Place itself took out Best Sustainable Bar Program, so we had plenty we wanted to unpack with Alex.

We chat about how he prepared for the Bartender of the Year competition, the two cocktails he created for it, and how Bulletin Place manages to create a new cocktail list every day, even while maintaining their renowned levels of sustainability.

Bulletin Place is unique in the fact it has a new cocktail menu for each night. There are seven fully-qualified bartenders who work at the bar and they all develop one cocktail menu each week, with one being rostered off as they’re open just the six days.

On the podcast this week, Alex fills us in on some of the innovative apps and systems used at Bulletin Place to make sure their wastage is at an absolute minimum even with the constantly-changing cocktail menu.

Plus, we find out about his past experiences being behind the stick at New York meccas BlackTail and the Dead Rabbit.

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