Best of Living Proof | David Wondrich

History of the cocktail with David Wondrich

The third instalment in our best-of podcast series is our January 2019 conversation with David Wondrich, the world’s foremost drinks historian.

David Wondrich is the world’s pre-eminent drinks historian. After beginning his career as an academic – he has a PhD in Comparative Literature – Dave decided to combine his appetite for writing and history with his passion for well-made drinks. So, he began tracing the stories behind many of the cocktails we enjoy to this day and, in doing so, he built an awareness and community that helped drive the drinks renaissance of this century. His books, including Imbibe! and Punch, are essential reading for bartenders or anyone fascinated by the history of the cocktail.

Nicole & Marcus chatted to David in January 2019, about where he thinks the drinks revolution is at, why he thinks the category of whiskey has been “overtaken by geeks and douches”, the future of the neighbourhood bar and much, much more.

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