#62 Christine Manfield – celebrated chef, author and gastronomic traveller

Christine Manfield is a self-taught yet celebrated chef who originally began her career as a teacher. The talented home cook later decided to switch lanes and went on to head up three award-winning restaurants in London and Sydney from 1993.

As she confesses to Nicole, however, there’s been no ‘game plan’ involved despite her going from strength to strength in the culinary world. Christine’s released a successful spice collection, hosted plenty of gastronomic tours and continues to impart her knowledge on the next generation by mentoring young chefs and industry colleagues. She recently launched an updated version of one of her eight book titles, Tasting India: Heirloom Family Recipes. It’s the book that she calls her ‘love letter to India’, the culinary and cultural destination that she’s been frequenting for over two decades.

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