#56 Cameron Adams – Canva’s product guru on scale and evolution

Cameron Adams is one of three founding members of Canva, an online graphic design software that makes creating stunning visuals accessible for everyday people. He’s actually the technical brains behind it all – though he won’t admit that – having spent three years as a User Interface Designer at Google.

Canva is only six years old, but it’s worth over $1bn, is used by 10 million people and employs over 350 staff! It’s also renowned as the greatest place to work in the country, thanks its strong focus on culture and team-building – think chef-made breakfast and lunch, flexible hours, being able to bring your pets, a rock-climbing wall and free gym, yoga and meditation. Its no coincidence that the company has enjoyed so much success. You can check it all out here: https://bit.ly/2xD710m

Cameron’s in the Pod to speak about that culture, how they’ve had to change and adapt as they expand at a rapid rate and how much further they’ve got to go.

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