#53 Tom Williams – on his career, fatherhood and riding the wave of life

Tom Williams is a familiar face on Australian Television, having hosted The Great Outdoors, Dancing with the Stars, The Mole and now The Daily Edition since first appearing as ‘Tom the chippy’ on Triple J. But he had far from the traditional journey to his career in the media – he was working in construction all through his 20s, competing in surf lifesaving events on the weekends, and it wasn’t until he phoned in to the radio in 2000 that he found himself on the airwaves. As Tom describes, he’s well aware that 17 years on TV without being booted off is nothing to be sneezed at, he’s still heavily dependent on exercise and the outdoors, and while he may be nearing the end of his 40s, he views ‘growing up’ as optional. We reckon his background as an everyday, hard-working Aussie bloke who has his feet firmly on the ground has him in an ideal position to now mentor his two young daughters through their own lives.

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