#52 Katie Sarah – pocket dynamo breaking world records, seemingly without even trying

Katie Sarah is a 49-year-old mother to three boys, who only began her mountaineering career a little over a decade ago. Now, she’s the first woman to the complete the seven-seven challenge – which means she’s summited the highest mountains and volcanic peaks on all seven continents. Wow! But what is it that saw her go from the ‘rat race’ to spending all of her spare time either at altitude or preparing to be? Katie’s all about asking ‘why couldn’t I?’ instead of saying ‘Oh, I couldn’t.’ And it’s that mentality that’s got her to where she is today – breaking international climbing records while she runs a business, raises a family and looks after her beloved dogs. We asked Katie about what it feels like to conquer long-term goals and how she deals with the ‘come-down’ that comes with ticking one off, how she plans to spend her 50th birthday and whether or not she’s an adrenaline junkie.

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