#50 Dr Tom Buchanan & Kedron Bardwell – on Trump Unlocked: Modern America

Nicole is fresh from a couple of weeks in the United States, where she was struck by some of the questions that she was asked by citizens concerned with how the powerhouse was being perceived on the back of its polarising President. So, we got two of Adelaide’s most qualified American academics to shed some light on the political landscape in their native country. Dr Tom Buchanan completed a Masters and Ph.D. in History at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, before coming to the University of Adelaide in 2005 where he’s been dubbed a ‘Legendary Lecturer’. At the moment, he’s coordinating a course titled ‘Trump Unlocked: Modern America’. He’s joined by Kedron Bardwell, a Political Scientist at Simpson College in Iowa and self-confessed ‘election junkie’, who’s currently in Australia for a semester on exchange. Nicole asks the guys about polarisation in the States – is it a new phenomenon or has it been stewing silently under the surface for generations? What does Trump and his twitter account mean for International Relations? Which historical era set us on this path? What do we make of the media and its distrust, and how do we achieve a more informed political discourse?

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