#46 Roz Savage – swapping a life of comfort for 15,000 miles alone in an ocean row boat

Stop drifting, Start rowing. In 2000, Roz Savage was making the commute to her management consultancy job in London when she had an epiphany. She was comfortable, but not where she wanted to be. So she abandoned her job, house and husband to become the first woman to row solo across three oceans, which took around 5 million oar strokes! She’s an environmental advocate, United Nations Climate Change Hero, speaker, author and super inspiring. In this chat, she reveals her thoughts on the track society is heading down and what it’s like to test your limits, over and over again. If Roz resonates with you, and you’re yet to listen to Tim Jarvis in Episode #25, I highly recommend you do. He’s an Australian adventurer with a similar zest for life and our planet.

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