#45 Steve Baxter – Shark, investor and entrepreneur

Steve Baxter is a former soldier who founded his first business, SE Net, with his life savings at 23, after dropping out of school to join the army at just 15. The startup was an internet service provider that he ran out of the spare room of his Adelaide home in the dial-up days of 1994. Since selling SE Net, he’s worked on many other technological ventures, made a bucket-load of cash and even spent time working for Google. Now, he prefers to invest in other people’s ideas and graces our TV screens as one of five sharks on Shark Tank. He’s a mix of straight-up honesty, high intelligence and humour with a bit of bite. It makes for great audio. We discuss how he came to find out three days before filming that he’d be on the show, the glamourising of entrepreneurship, and why it’s important to know what success looks like.

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