#44 Tony Vidmar – on the FIFA World Cup & the highs and lows of professional sport

Tony Vidmar played 76 games for the Socceroos, making him one of our most capped International players. The attacking defender played an unforgettable role in qualifying the team for its first World Cup in 32 years, when he rattled home the third penalty of the famous shootout against Uruguay in 2005. Tragically, he was unable to take part in the World Cup after he was diagnosed with a heart condition in the lead up – something he still finds hard to talk about 12 years on. In this episode: 1. How would the Socceroos be feeling at the moment? 2. How he came to be taking one of the most important penalties in Australian history, having practically never taken one in his professional career before that. 3. His heart condition and missing the 2006 World Cup. 4. Coaching our next batch of stars at Melbourne City. 5. Could it have been cricket or Aussie Rules instead of soccer? 6. Mentors – family and Zoran Matic. 7. Tony’s message.

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