#20 Chester Osborn – The d’Arenberg Cube

We chat to fourth generation winemaker Chester Osborn – the eccentric mastermind who heads up d’Arenberg in McLaren Vale, South Australia. At 55, most people would be thinking about retirement, but after almost half a century in the vineyard Chester is as infatuated with winemaking as when he began. We catch him on the eve of the opening of his most ambitious project to date, the futuristic five-storey d’Arenberg Cube, which is about to become one of South Australia’s most fascinating tourist destinations. Chester details for us his unconventional childhood and quirky personality, and the 14-year campaign that went into realising the rubik’s cube-like structure he’d been dreaming of. Sit back and let Chester take you on a journey through his intriguing and highly successful brain.

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